Our house


You can find us at: 

Chienvenue 1: 

1, rue Henri Jurien de la Gravière
21520 Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube

Chienvenue 2: 

 2, rue Henri Jurien de la Gravière
21520 Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube


Dogs are more than welcome

We ourselves are very big dog lovers who prefer to take our four-legged friends anywhere and anytime. Well, we want to give that pleasure to our guests as well. Even though the house is not really big, we do not limit the number of dogs. We assume that you know how much space your dogs need.

In any case, we want them to feel as much at home with us as their owners.

We just want to ask you to respect a few rules:

  • The dogs are allowed to relax in the sofa’s, but we ask you to bring your own blankets for that so everything will remain neat and tidy after your stay.
  • With the stairs in Chienvenue 1, it is very difficult and dangerous to take the dogs upstairs. Keep that in mind.
  • The shower or bath are not for cleaning your dog.
  • The dogs are allowed to do their needs in the garden. We kindly ask the owners to clean up EVERYTHING before you leave.
  • When going home, please put the food and drinking troughs neatly washed back in its place.
  • If your dog is in heat, put some pants on him or her. Still got a little accident? Please remove all traces of blood.
  • Make sure you have enough towels with you to dry off your dogs after a swim or walk before they enter the house.
  • We don’t ask for an extra cleaning fee and dogs are allowed free of charge. We do ask you to leave the house tidy, vacuumed, free of dog hair, seats and walls mud free.
  • Always report any damage. We will look for the best solution for both parties together.

And finally, in France, they are generally very hospitable towards dogs, except (unfortunately) for some so-called “dangerous breeds”. They are not allowed in the country. In addition, there are some very important rules, among others around vaccinations, on what is and is not allowed etc. Ask your veterinarian or visit the folliwing website: http://nl.france.fr/nl/infosredac/neemt-u-uw-hond-mee-op-vakantie.


Some house rules 

It is very important to us that everyone enjoys a fun and enjoyable vacation. We try to do everything possible to guarantee this. In order to be able to also guarantee this for the guest that come after you, we only ask for a little help:


  • Help us keep the house clean: clean up dog poop and throw garbage in the bin.
  • Smoking ban: it is forbidden to smoke indoors. If you smoke outside, please also clean up the cigarette butts.
  • Water and energy is included in the rental price. Help us to keep it that way by using it accordingly.
  • Waste: in France, waste is sorted. What, how and when can be found in the welcome folder in the house. We ask you to take this into account in order to avoid that the waste containers will be refused by the collection services. This is neither pleasant for you nor for the person who comes after you.

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival, you are welcome from 17:00 onwards. This gives us plenty of opportunity to clean everything for you. If something is wrong on arrival, please let us know immediately.

A few days before departure, you will receive a code. This is used to open the locker in which the key is stored. Don’t share this code with other people! 

On the day of departure you have to leave the house at 10:00. Take care of the following when you leave:

  • On departure, you have to make sure that the house is vacuumed and free of dog hair.
  • Leave the fridge and freezer empty.
  • Anything you’ve brought for your stay, please take it back home with you. Do not leave any belongings or food behind for the following tenants.
  • The dishes, including the dog’s food, should be done and everything should be back in place in the cupboards.
  • The kitchen appliances must also be left completely clean.
  • Check the garden for dog poop. Put this in a bag and put it in the trash bags destined for the trash containers.
  • Please close the windows and doors properly on departure.

To bring of your own

In our house, there is a lot available, both for owner and dog. Yet you have to bring the following yourself:


  • Bed linen for a double bed and possibly the sofa bed,
  • Bath linen,
  • Kitchen linen,
  • Blankets in case you leave the dogs on the couch,
  • Towels to dry your dogs after a swim or walk.