Wat to do on-site

The region around Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube really has everything for the active and passive holiday person. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Information about all this is abundantly available in the house, here you get a selection of suggestions.

Sports and activities

  • Countless walking possibilities through forests and along open fields where your dog can almost always run freely. You won’t meet a lot, if not any, other hikers, even in high season. Keep the hunting calendar in mind for the region. There are many trails in the welcome folder in our house, but an interesting link is also: http://www.bouger-nature-en-bourgogne.com/
  • The sloping landscape of Burgundy is very inviting for both the experienced and recreational cyclist or mountain biker. Check out our cycling routes here!
  • In less than an hour drive, you’ll find several golf courses. The nearest in Arc-en-Barrois: http://www.golfarc.fr
  • You can go fishing and canoeing on the river Aube.
  • In Grevolles, you can go carp fishing http://skv-karpertrips.nl/home/index.php/domaine-de-la-maveline
  • You can practise water sports on the lakes of Fôret d’Orient and Lac Du Der.
  • In a village 10 kilometres away is a swimming lake and in the cities are public swimming pools http://chatillon-mairie.fr/culture/piscine
  • The amusement park Nigoland http://www.nigloland.fr/


  • Less than a kilometer away, is a lovely place where you and your four-legged friend can bathe. There is also a small pebble beach that invites you to sit down for a while.
  • The “Pays Châtilonais”, the region around Châtillon, constist of more than 50% of forest, perfect for game and birds of prey, which are very numerous: deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes, badgers, kites, buzzards, falcons, woodpeckers, kingfishers, herons, …
  • A little further north, there are some large lakes, such as Lac Du Der and the three large lakes of the Fôret d’Orient, known for their large populations of migratory birds that pass through each year on their way south or north: http://antoinecubaixo.jimdo.com– http://www.lacs-champagne.fr – http://www.lacduder.com 

Culture, heritage en patrimony



Eating and drinking out

  • There are a few restaurants in the area. You have to go to the cities Châteauvillain or Châtillon-sur-Seine
  • Pisciculture, Truites de l’Aube in Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube itself, 500 metres away from the house. Here you can buy the most delicious trout and have them cleaned for you. If you like you can also go and catch some trout yourself. They also have a wide range of pâtés, fresh and smoked fillets: http://www.truites-laube.fr
  • Route du Crémant du Châtillonnais, a car route along the various winegrowers of Burgundy: http://www.bouhelier-vigneron.com/
  • Route Touristique du Champagne, a 700 km route through the Champagne region
  • The restaurant of Château de Courban, slightly more expensive but very good: http://www.chateaudecourban.com/nl/